Wilderness – Brian Holland, Modern Guitars

“Wilderness is the third release from Randy Riviere, also known as Mad Buffalo. Randy creates music that reflects his meaningful, spirited efforts as a wildlife biologist who has acquired multiple awards for work in conservation and environmental issues. The album’s lyrical content involves thought provoking and inspiring accounts of the American wilderness and of the commonplace folk who thrive in it, both past and present. Like Neil Young, Gram Parsons, and Steve Earle before him, Riviere is an old school composer and musician suitable to the folk-rock groove of performers who sing of practical and earthy American ideals. It’s roots music to remind us of who we are and where we come from.

“Riviere has garnered respect and notoriety throughout the music industry. It’s an aspect that’s blatantly noticeable in the list of performers playing alongside him on Wilderness. Hall of Fame guitarist James Burton, harmonica player Mickey Raphael (the Willie Nelson Band), Producer Marty Grebb on multiple instruments, and James Pennebaker on steel guitar are a mere few musicians who added their talents to the album’s twelve tracks.

“Though Riviere’s voice has a sound of its own, one that’s somewhat relaxed in a baritone register, it’s interesting that a Neil Young ambiance is perceived quite often, even though his range is opposite of Young’s falsetto/tenor. The exception to this ‘closeness in sound yet difference in range’ feature is the song “All I Really Want,” in which his range actually sounds in close proximity to Young’s at times. The Neil Young similarity is perceivable throughout the album, but it’s merely a bonus, and by no means challenges the individualism of Riviere. Though his style often reflects timeless influences of past folk and rock greats, he’s an extremely distinctive and genuine artist in his own right.”
~ Brian D. Holland, www.modernguitars.com – October 27, 2008